Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New Life

I have been gone from this blog for a long, long time. So long. Life has changed dramatically in the last few years.

We got a second dog.

I used an elimination diet to finally get to the root cause of my chronic pain and auto immune disorders.

I found the solution but struggled coming to terms with the change in lifestyle.

We endured years of infertility.

Developed disordered eating in an attempt to deal with the infertility.

Didn't work. Went to therapy.

Got better.

Finally got pregnant.


Got pregnant again.

Carried to 34 weeks when I developed severe pre eclampsia and hellp.

Survived traumatic birth experience and 22 day nicu stay.

Persevered through the hardest two years of my life as a stay at home mom with my precious daughter Georgia Joy.

And here we are today. As I lay in bed writing this as she naps (she only naps if she is touching my body) I look back at my old blog and marvel at how far I have come.

I am not the person I was before- for better or worse these past few years of struggle have shaped me.  However, I finally feel like I am slowly coming back to life. Georgia is getting easier and more independent. I am finally starting to feel the need to do something fun. For me. Maybe that something will be blogging. Maybe not. I have been wanting to write on here again so I decided to just go for it.

Here's to new life.

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Olesya Berlo said...

Hi, I just came across your blog while looking for apple jelly recipes. The apple pie jelly looks amazing. I read through a few posts and finally this one.I commend you for your perseverance with your health issues and feel for you with the birth problems. All 3 of my sons are preemies and the last was the worst. I too had severe pre-eclampsia and we had a 12 week stay in the NICU. At 2 1/2 Paul also will not sleep unless he is touching one of us! All I can tell you is that eventually if we've done our jobs right, they grow into beautiful ,loving,and independent people. My oldest is turning 21. I hope that whatever else life brings you, you continue to be a wonderfully creative person, and maybe keep blogging.