Thursday, February 18, 2010

House Tour: The Loft

The loft is the area of that really sold Chris on the house.  He loved the wood burning stove, and they open-ness to below.  He loved everything about it actually . . .
(What the loft looked like when we saw it)

I was not so sure.  I feared the loft would never get used- It can't be used as an office because then the mess could be seen from any room in the house!  It can't be used for pretty much anything- but a sitting room- and isn't that what living rooms and family rooms are for?

But I was wrong.  At least during the winter, the loft in my favorite place.  Chris has been building fires with the mountain of firewood the previous owners left us, making it the warmest place in the house - like 75 degrees warm.

We have nice seating up in the loft.  The love sac is finally free to expand to its fullest potential.  Plus, Chris' brother is allowing us to borrow his futon (and couches)(and coffee table)(thanks again Dave) so we have lots of comfy seating.  (Please disregard the wrinkles on the futon- I bought a full sized sheet set to cover the black futon (white dog hair and black futons don't mix) and didn't iron the sheet before I put it on because I am lazy I wanted to make sure it would fit.


The loft serves another unforeseen purpose- as a dog play area. PeeWee has this toy:
We put his dry crunchies in it and he pushes it around with his nose to get the food out.  He loves loves this thing- but he will only do it on carpet because the hard wood downstairs is too loud.  So the loft is a perfect area for him to push it around and eat to his heart's content. 

We all enjoy this loft more than I had anticipated- I am so glad Chris could see its potential.

dog toy image from here


Emily said...

I love lofts - I always picture them being a hang out for kids someday - playing board games in front of the TV, etc. That wood burning stove would be a huge plus - our upstairs gets so drafty, I can't imagine how nice that would be!

My name is PJ. said...

It's a great space, Taryn! I love the wood stove up there; that's unique and it DOES make things cozy.

We have a loft and I made it a little library area.

Just Joany said...

Oh, what a charming area! Yes, I can see how it would get used quite a bit.

~ Just Joany
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Hilary Lane said...

It looks great!!

Lucy Marie said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying that comfy area of your home :)

Danielle said...

your house is adorable!!! LOVE the woodburning stove.

Adie said...

I love lofts! It looks like a great space! That is a HUGE Lovesac. Holy moly!

Kayla said...

What a fun room! I love lofts! Thanks for sharing, I'm also very envious of your wood burning stove! My parents have one and it is amazing on those freezing cold winter nights!!

Kristin said...

I think it would be so fun to have a loft!