Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dining Room Table - HELP!

This is our dining room as it is right now.

The 4 brown chairs are from our original table and chairs, the two chairs with cushions are from my fab Target find, and the table is from an internal Criag's List of sorts from my father-in-law's work.  (I actually bought the table with six matching chairs for only $75!  I really bought the set just for the chairs so we could have 4 matching chairs in the kitchen.  I was planning to paint them white- but we will get to that later.)

The new table is significantly longer than our old table.  It fits six place-mats without overlapping.  What a novel experience! 

However, the new table does not match.  So here is my question to you- what should I do?

I would love to sand it and stain it to match the chairs because I loved the look of the old table, but that is way too much work.  Plus, I don't think I would every be happy with the stain color.
(The old table's color)

My next idea is to try to paint it to a similar color on the cushion of the two Target chairs.  The problem with this idea is that the cushion is kind of microfiber/suede, and it changes depending on how the person sitting in it got up.  You know?

Plus, gray is a dangerous color for a seat cushion- what will I do if I match the table to the chairs, and then I reupholster the chairs because they get all stained? 

After writing this I think I am thinking too much.  Maybe I should just paint it and enjoy it for a few years and then decide what to do about any problems.    What do you think?  Any other ideas?


Ashley @ The Happy Little Home said...

What about painting the table a really fun color like red? Or grey, or whatever matches your house. I repaint furniture all the time and it's a great way to add a little spice.

Della said...

I'm with Ashley, paint it a cool color that you love. I'm a big fan of paint. :)

My mom has suede like couches and they drive me nuts- sure, it gives them "depth" but good night, multi hued couches? You could always staple fabric on top of the suede, if you want to keep it just in case.

Callista said...

you can cover it in a fun fabric and then put glass over it. That way you can switch out the fabric when you get tired of it or if you reupholster your chairs :)

Emily said...

Since you want the deep espresso color, I have two thoughts. You could either do the sanding and staining (I've heard that Polyshade by Minwax is really easy and user friendly and has great stain options). I've never stained anything, so this is just a recommendation I've heard over and over.

Otherwise, I would paint the table a deep chocolate brown to work with your chairs, and lighten things up with a table runner or placemats in the color of the chair seats.

Emily said...

Oh, and we can't wait to see you guys again (and see the new place in person!) Let us know when you're not completely overwhelmed by being new homeowners.

Hi, Lane said...

I think you should paint it whatever color you want to. After all, you paid $75 for it, right? And the experience in my family is that if anyone has kids, their dining room table gets pretty beat up when the kids are little anyway. Who knows, in 5-10, you might want to splurge on one of those nice furniture store matching sets. So go for it! Have fun with it now!

Erin said...

Well, I am the least creative person on here. My mind just doesn't work that way, but I do have my own ugly table drama. Mine sits four people WITH the leaf! I just use a table cloth that reaches the ground at the corners (to cover the legs) and top it with a runner and a centerpiece.

Adie said...

You could get new legs for it that are fresh so there is no sanding than sand them. Or maybe find some that are already in that color and than get a nice table cloth and forget doing anything to the top.

My name is PJ. said...

Did you not say you were planning on painting the chairs white? Why not the table too? You could do your entire dining room in black, white and gray....with punches of color on the shelves on in the table setting.

Henry said...
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