Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Unstuffed Pepper Skillet

Wow- this is GOOD!  Really good.  Better than I was anticipating.  Chris doesn't really like peppers- but he ate this one and admitted that it was pretty darn good (after you take out the peppers.)  Ha- thanks Chris.

He might not like them- but he must admit- they are so pretty!

Unstuffed Pepper Skillet
adapted from Finding Joy in My Kitchen

  • 1/2 lb ground turkey
  • 1/2 onion, diced
  • 2 medium carrots, sliced
  • 3 bell peppers, seeded and cut into large chunks (I used green, yellow and orange)
  • 1/2 of a standard 26 oz jar of tomato sauce
  • 1 tsp. Italian seasoning
  • 1/8 tsp. chili powder
  • 2 C brown rice, cooked (I cooked mine in homemade broth- it really makes a difference in the flavor of the dish)
  • mozzarella cheese, shredded
  1. Cut up your peppers and set aside.
  2. Brown meat and onion.
  3. Add seasonings, tomato sauce, peppers and carrots to the skillet and simmer until carrots and peppers are softened to you liking.
  4. Add rice and stir to combine.  
  5. Serve warm and top with cheese if desired. 


Meredith said...

I totally agree about cooking rice in broth! It's the only way to go!

Lucy Marie said...

We love that one too.

SnoWhite said...

yummy... you're making me want to make this with our peppers and scratch what we were planning for dinner ;-)

glad you enjoyed it!

My name is PJ. said...

Peppers ARE so pretty! This is a great recipe!

What's up with the house? How long until closing comes? Details!

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