Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Homemade Peachy Grape Fruit Roll Ups (Fruit Leather)

Hi, my name is Taryn and I love fruit snacks.  I love the nasty off-brand ones with sea animals and the high priced ones with Princesses . . . and I would never turn down gummy worms, gummy bears, fruit roll ups, fruit leathers or anything of the sort.

Now that you know this we can move on to my latest creation: Homemade Peachy Grape Fruit Leather.

Now that I have a dehydrator- making fruit leather is so much easier!  I made many oven versions of a cranberry apple recipe I found from Martha- but since growing into my kitchen I decided to make up my own recipe.  Turned out well.

I have to work on spreading the fruit very evenly- because the dehydrator does not compensate for my errors.  It took a bit longer than it should have to dry because of my unevenness- plus some parts got over-done.  (However- those over-done dried fruit leathers- if broken into small pieces make excellent salad toppers.)

Homemade Fruit Roll Ups (Fruit Leather)
from my dehydrator book and me!

*I have to admit, I made these a couple weeks ago- while we were still drowning in fresh fruit.  However- if you have some frozen you could use those or wait until next year.  I wanted to make sure I documented what I did when next summer comes around.

  • 2 cups peaches
  • 1 cup grapes
  1. Puree the fruit.
  2. Add to fruit roll tray on dehydrator and dehydrate at 145 degree for 4-5 hours or until dry.


SnoWhite said...

okay... that's it. I'm ordering my dehydrator today!!!!! :)

Kayla said...

No way!! This is amazing!!! I love fruit snacks of any kind!!! I cannot believe you've made fruit leather! Did you enjoy the kind I sent you in the mail? It wasn't my favorite, but it was fruity deliciousness anyway! Way to go! Maybe I should also get a dehydrator! :-)

Katie said...

Hi. I'm katie. I cannot go in the fruit snack isle at the grocery store or else I come out with boxes upon boxes. I need a dehydrator. Now.

ps: i buy the fruit leather from stretch co. its very good!

Lucy Marie said...

I am envious of you and your fruit roll ups.

Lucy Marie said...

Can you bring some of them to the party, too?

My name is PJ. said...

When I first read this, I read, "Peachy Grapefruit Leather" and I wondered how that would work!

I was relieved to see it was "Peachy Grape Fruit Leather" and I can imagine it's EXCELLENT!

Adie said...

Hi Taryn, my name is Adie, and I too love fruit snacks. I keep saying that I have lost the baby weight and am now working on the fruit snack/ Mcdonalds weight. (Mostly fruit snack)