Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Homemade Croutons

I as you may have noticed- I love my (new) dehydrator.  As I was cleaning out the freezer (for our impending move) I found some sourdough bread I had frozen.  It wasn't the best bread, which is probably why it got frozen in the first place.  So rather than throw it away, or make more bread crumbs, I decided to whip up some croutons.  Chris loves croutons on his salads.  yum.

Homemade Croutons

  • Leftover bread
  • a few Tbsp of Olive oil (depending on how much bread you have)
  • seasonings to taste- I used garlic powder, Super Salt and Rosemary

  1. Cut your bread into desired size.
  2. In a bowl, drizzle oil and make sure the bread is coated evenly
  3. Season with garlic powder, Super Salt and Rosemary- or other seasonings you choose.
  4. Place on dehydrator and cook at 145 degrees for 4-6 hours until dry. 


SnoWhite said...


My dehydrator is on it's way :) Can't wait to try these.

Lucy Marie said...

You and SnoWhite are so ahead of me --- I want a dehydrator, too. I borrow my friend's sometimes but it is really big. Are they all really big? I don't have space for a big honker...

My name is PJ. said...

We've always made home made croutons and they're wonderful. You are the coolest throw back to the earlier half of the last century! It's just one reason I love your blog!