Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Perfect House?

Here is my question:  How do you pick a house?

Everyone seems to tell me to "Wait for the perfect house- it will come."

But I don't think it will.

My perfect house is on a lake, with mountain views, mature trees that grow on their own, and is in some magical land that is close to both MN and CO.  I don't think I will ever find my perfect house- and even if I did- I am pretty sure we could not afford it.

So, what level of perfection are we looking for here? 

I found a house that I quite like (Chris will see it this weekend- I went out looking without him to weed out the "no way" houses yesterday).  The layout is pretty much perfect.  Its in a great neighborhood.  In our price range.

But I wish it had a bigger yard, was in a cul-de-sac, and had a formal dining room (not that we have a table to put in there- but I would like to have one).

How perfect is perfect?


Mandy said...

Ohh, sounds like a tough decision. I can't wait to hear all about the different options!

My name is PJ. said...

I disagree about 'waiting for the perfect house.' Perfection is an absolute, so the concept of waiting for it is absurd.

You find a house that fits some of your most desired minimal requirements when you are starting out; YOU morph it into something special for the two of you, over time, on a budget, with creativity (of which you have OODLES.)

And you know what I do when it comes to every decision? Pray. The way I see it, if it's meant to be, it will happen and if it doesn't happen, the Big Guy has something else more well suited for you down the line.

Can't wait to hear what Chris thinks of the house.

SnoWhite said...

That's the question, right?!

Just from our experience, you will have to compromise on some things... and from what I hear, what you think is perfect before you buy, will actually not be "perfect" once you buy.

Our dear friends who have been in a house for 3 years told us, "you never know quite what you want until you actually own a house and live in it".

Not sure if that's helpful, but we tried to think about what are the essentials, and what we could compromise on. That seemed to help us narrow down.

Of course, we prayed a lot in the process -- just waiting on God's timing and place.


Emily said...

I think there are different kinds of perfect, and I think a lot of perfection is making it perfect for you.

I think the most important things to consider are the unchangeable - location, for the most part the layout, livable space, yard size for now. Cosmetics can easily and inexpensively be changed, but those unchangeables are important for you and for resale.

Our house works for us now - we love it, but if it were to be perfect it would need a bigger yard and an extra family room. Down the road, an extra bedroom. So, we bought what was right for us for the next 7 or so years, and know that we'll find a new form of perfect when it's time.

Lucy Marie said...

I've been thinking a lot about this since we've been e-mailing.

I think perfect will be whichever house you decide to buy. Even if it doesn't have every single tiny feature you were hoping for, it will become perfect, because you and Chris (and perhaps some little J's) will make it a home.

This house will forever and always be the first home you own together, the first home you decorate together, renovate together, perhaps raise a child in together .. and so on.

Whichever house you choose will be perfect because it will be your house.

Praying for peace for your heart.

*claire* said...

i think no matter what - as long as you like the basics, you will make it into a home you love.

and about the cul-de-sac -- my opinion has always been, that as long as it's not on a busy cut-thru road that has to have a yellow line painted on it, then you're fine :)

good luck with it! post pictures! (what an exciting thing - a new house, blank canvas!)

Rose said...

No advice here...we built our house and we still have things we wished we would have done differently or changed. So I guess there is no such thing! :o) GL!!

Brittany Ann said...

I'm with you. No perfect houses. At least not at our age and in our newlywed price ranges. Go with as perfect as you can, and remember that you can make changes and get closer to that perfect house later in life.

Meredith said...

Well, are you planning to buy a home that you'll be in forever? If so, wait for that "perfect house".

For us, our goal was to get in a modest house while the prices were low, as a chance to build some equity. We're fixing up the house, but also trying not to over-improve, because we plan to stay in it for 5-10 years. As our family expands, we will either need to add an addition, or purchase a new house.

Still, when we walked into this house, I remember thinking, "this could be home..."

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I'm a list person - so I made a list of must-haves, would-like-to-have-but-aren't dealbreakers, and cannot-haves.

It makes it easier for me to categorize.

So, if you MUST have a bigger yard (esp. since you cannot make your yard any bigger), you should keep looking. I just think it's all prioritizing.

I'm not sure that that helps. But, I wish you the best of luck. I know you'll find something amazing.

Emily said...

The "perfect" house will be the house that has all the little things you are looking for in a house and all of the pluses.... like the price, community/location, and maybe even the layout how you had imagined or maybe even better than you had imagined.

Kristen said...

I think perfect is just in fairy tales. The house that my husband and I are buying is "perfect" for us. The inside has everything that we want. However our compromise is that the yard isn't as large or as flat as we would like, and the driveway is absolutely horrible (like at a 45 degree angle!) But these were things that we'll just have to learn to live with!

A Fortunate Bride said...

For us it wasn't the "perfect" house but we definitely felt like "oh - we want this one!" Of course it didn't have everything our dream house would have, but it seemed like it was just right for us at this time. Good luck!

Kayla said...

It's the type of house that you walk in and you can see yourself living there, with your family and your stuff.

If you can see yourself living there for at least 5 years then it's the perfect (right now) house.

This doesn't have to be your forever home, just one that fits for the next 5-10 years.

Make sure it has enough bedrooms & bathrooms and garages for you now. As long as it has almost everything you want, then it should be the perfect house for now.

When we bought our current house, we wanted 2 garages, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.... Well, we found this house and it had one less garage and one less bathroom, but was the best out of the 20 some houses we looked at, it was in a good price range and it was in a good area....

It's all in what you want and how long you want to stay there. Good luck Taryn!

Emily said...

We have learned to come up with what you really want, and only look at what you can't change. For instance, if not being on a cul-de-sac is a deal breaker for you...then it's probably not the house. But if the kitchen is lost in the 70's, that can be changed. Floorplan is also very important. It's a hard decision, and you need to figure out your criterea, within reason :), and try to stick with it!
You'll compromise on some things, but sit down with hubby and figure out what you can't live without...then look accordingly.
How fun, I love house hunting!!!

Erin said...

It's right if you can see yourself living there and being happy. Make a list of the things you think you MUST have, and then weed out the ones that really aren't a big deal. It's your first house - it's just the beginning!

We already have a list of things for "the next house" - and a few things I thought I wanted when we built our house I soon realized are not ideal for our family. So I got what I wanted and then changed my won't know until you're actually living in it. And about 90% of those things can be changed!

Priscilla said...

It what is "perfect" at that time, flaws and all. Like you said, I am not sure my perfect house exits either, and I know it costs a lot more than we can afford now:-) When we picked our house, we just wanted in, went through it all and both knew it was right. I think the backyard sold me!

Della said...

I'm so jealous that you can crochet- I can never get the hang of it. Knitting get's a little tiring if you can only do basic steps. That's why it's a good winter project. :)

Good luck on your house search!

The Neffs said...

I hope you find your perfect house... Goodluck! Ginger

Kristi said...

For what its worth, my hubby and
I ended up "settling" for a house that was in a city we would "never" live in AND its a twin home and we "had to have" a single family home. Yet it is the house for us. We laugh now at our high expectations going into home hunting.
Hope you find the house for you!

Hi, Lane said...

How much do houses run out there? AJ and I were looking at houses in our neighborhood the other day & to get anything decently sized (3BR/2BA, still small, I know), it's like $350,000 at least. And that's in a bad market!? It's crazy! How do they expect young couples to ever buy a house?

♥B said...

We were recently home shopping too. Every one told us that when we found our house we would know it was meant for us. We didn't so I guess we will look again later.

Good Luck!! House shopping is stressful~!