Monday, September 28, 2009

One More- My life is Changing for Crazy!

I am going to be a little scattered for the next couple weeks- Chris and I have offically entered the race to find a house before Nov 30th.  We will see how it goes.  We are just out to look at what is there and see if one is for us!

And lucky for me, Emily from The Lamb Family gave me this Fabulous award late last week (Thanks Emily!).  I am supposed to share my five current obsessions- but I really only have two:

  1. Money.  Looking at how much we have, how much we need, down payments, interest, mortgages, taxes, rent, and rebates.  In addition to house stuff- I have been tasked with investing our Roth IRAs and Chris' 401(k) money *(see not below)- so my mind is also filled with investing, IRAs, rollovers, index funds, ETFs and so much more- I have much to learn!
  2. Houses.  My mind is filled with online images of houses as I am looking at them, finding Realtors, mortgage brokers/banks/ or credit unions, locations, schools, houses, square feet and all that jazz.  I mean whoa!  

I am dreaming houses and money these days- literally.  Last night I was coughing in my sleep and as I was kinda in that half awake/ half asleep place I was dreaming that every cough was a different down payment- the really big coughs were huge down payments and the little ones were more reasonable down payments.  I think you can define this as obsession.

So yeah- any advice from you guys who have done this before would be much appreciated . .  .

I am going to look at half a dozen houses tomorrow!  I'll let you know how it goes . . . wish me luck.  I don't know how much longer I can be dreaming of down payments

*(Also- just so you know- Chris quit his job last week and has started a new job at a new company today! (He will still be doing relatively the same thing- but it is still very exciting!)  Hope your first day is going well Chris!!)


Emily said...

Good luck finding a house... if you find one before the 30th of Nov, you should get that $8,000 tax credit which will be AWESOME!

Hope Chris enjoys his new job.

Danielle said...

Congrats! That's so exciting & a little crazy! Hope the new job works out well!

Adie said...

Good luck on the house hunt! And congrats to Chris! Change can be very exciting. The only advice I have is to check into CHFA. It is Colorados first time homebuyers program. They used to offer help with your down payment and you just had to go to a class that talked about all things home buying.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I hope you find something you love.

My best advice is to trust your gut. That, and... don't bother with anything that doesn't have a non-negotiable. You'll regret it.

Okay... those seem a little opposite, But, I believe them both.

SnoWhite said...

Fun - hubby and I just had all those conversations! We've been out looking at nearly every house in our market -- it's fun, but tiring... and can be a long process. Wish you the best in finding your first house!!!

I'd also recommend checking out Dave Ramsey's stuff re: investing, home buying, etc.

Shaina said...

Oh wow - this is incredibly exciting news!!!! I hope you find your dream house and get your $8000 tax credit!!! :) :)

Kayla said...

Good luck! Make sure to get a good inspector! Also, make sure it's what you want! :-) If you want a fixer-upper, get one... If you want a house where you can just move in and not change a thing, then get that one!

Lucy Marie said...

I hope it all goes so well. I think that your dream about down payments is hilarious. If only coughing a big cough is all it took ....

Praying for you!

Kristen said...

My husband and I are in the process of buying a house right now, we close in a little more than 2 weeks! YIKES! Check your interest rates, but if you find a bank that has a lower rate, also make sure to check the closing costs because sometimes that can make/break the deal. Get that home inspection! Ask for a home warranty! And don't settle! There will always be more houses to look at! HAve fun! It's a blast and oh so exhausting!

Priscilla said...

Good luck! It is stressful, but worth it. I think we looked a 100 houses before we found ours. Hang in there for something you love, especially if it is going to be your forever home. I am already thinking of what I'll do differently when we move again--(that'll be our forever home). The best part of our experience was finding a realtor that we clicked with and who was honest and never pressured us on anything at all. She even brought us a gift for Hazel a few months ago!
Hope your dreams don't get any stranger:-)

Brittany Ann said...

Rooting for you guys!

My name is PJ. said...

It's exciting and nerve-wracking, but no where near as exciting and nerve-wracking as when you finally find one and proceed to purchase.

I suggest getting pre-approved for a mortgage, so you know exactly what you can spend. It's not the same as pre-qualification.

Location is important. Your kids may wind up going to school there, so check out the schools and crime rate and knock on the neighbors doors BEFORE you buy. They don't mind and they'll think you're cute and sweet - big points!

Think 'starter home', small mortgage, fixing things up over the long haul.

I really hope you find something wonderful!!!! Congrats, Chris!

Rebecca Lynn said...

I hope the house hunt is going well. I know in our brief stint with home buying I pretty much relied on my gut (and what the bank said we could afford). Money-wise it's important to take into account things like property taxes, utilities, unexpected repairs etc. when you're looking at what you can afford...but I'm sure you know all of this.
I also wanted to comment to thank you for commenting on my blog. I'm still getting into the hang of it, do you have any suggestions? Yours is so great to read. I love all of your pictures (what camera do you use?). As for your questions, Ian and I met at St. Olaf freshman year and got married the August after graduation. He's going to school at Loyola here in Chicago for his PhD in neuroscience. How a neuroscientist and an english/art major ended up married is beyond me. I like having opposing interests though. It keeps both of us on our toes. You and Chris seem to have a great life together in Colorado. Congrats on making it a more permanent home!

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