Monday, August 31, 2009

Homemade Craisins

I swear- I love my dehydrator.

This weekend, I made craisins from some cranberries I had frozen last fall (ekk!) but never used.

The craisins are quite good- but I will add a bit more sugar next time- these suckers are a bit tart.

Homemade Craisins
adapted from several wise internet finds including here

  • 1/2 bag cranberries
  • 1/2 Cup sugar
  • 1 Cup water
  1. Cut cranberries in half. This will be tedious. Be patient. (You can also put them in boiling water for 30 seconds to split their skins if you would prefer. Follow the directions for de-skinning tomatoes here, except don't actually take off the skin off.)
  2. Make simple syrup. (Add sugar to water and heat until sugar dissolves.)
  3. Add cut cranberries to syrup and soak for 20-30 minutes.
  4. Drain berries and add to dehydrator.
  5. Dehydrate at 125 degrees for 8 hours or so until they are dry.
  6. Yumm-o!


SnoWhite said...

delicious. I think you'd like the book: How To Dry Foods by DeLong. It's been out for decades, but they have a new version I was able to find at the library. Check it out.


La Nouvelle Femme said...

Those look great! I wish I had a dehydrator so I could make those too!

My name is PJ. said...

We use craisins a good deal. I'm paying close attention to how well you like your dehydrator and how often you use well as what types of things you dehydrate.

I've completed my holiday shopping already, but I may just have to add a dehydrator to the bounty!

Callista said...

mmm i <3 craisins!! i want a dehydrator....

about the cheesecake cookies.... you could smash up some oreos and definitely use that for the crust..... i might have to do that next :) if you do oreos - leave out the lemon peel otherwise it would be too lemony.

Rae said...

This is inspirational to the point of my crying out to my husband "ohhhh, can we get a dehydrator?!" Seriously, this looks great.

newlyweds said...

How fun I would never had thought to make craisins. I need a dehydrator now!

Adie said...

I had a dehydrator once. I tried to make jerky. It didn't go so well and I ended up throwing out the machine. You are making me want to give it another shot.

Jenna said...

Well, I know what I'm making this weekend now.

Actually, I tell a lie. I'm gonna try this... but tweaked a tad. The Ocean Spray folks finally emailed me this week and told me they have discontinued my beloved orange crasins - but with your instructions, I'm now wondering if I can make my own! Orange juice, maybe a soup├žon of zest...

Thanks so much for a wonderful place to start. I'm resisting an overwhelming desire to exclaim "To the Lab!" and motion for an Igor.

Just need to find a good Igor...

lookingoutthewindow said...

I have bags of cranberries and the exact same dehydrater. Like you I am a MN girl transplated to the high cold desert of Montana. There are days I would sell my soul for some lush green or an overcast day that rains all day.