Monday, June 8, 2009


I am a lot behind in accepting and thanking my blogging friends who have given me awards and tagged me to play along. So sorry friends. Better late than never, right?

Thanks to Meagan from The Life of Me for this Kreative Blogger Award.

She has such a cute blog- and she has super skills in the make-up department. Her (somewhat) weekly posts about proper make-up use have been enlightening for a girl like me. Check her out!

Thanks to Snow White from Joy in My Kitchen for giving me this lovely award!

If you haven't- you must go to her blog. She is always posting amazing recipes- like my Homemade Chicken Fingers. Mmmhmmm!

And thanks to Kayla from Livin The Great Life for tagging me in the Crazy 8 Thingy. I know that this baby is pretty much dead- but hey- why not bring it back? Too soon? Well too bad- here are my answers.

8 Things I Did Yesterday: (Written 6/3/09)
1) Took my temperature.
2) Went to the Doctor.
3) Cry.
4) Listened to the thunderstorm.
5) Went Hot-tubing. Bad idea.
6) Finished the first draft of my resume.
7) Ate leftover cheese tortellini. So good.
8) Played Facebook Scrabble. Or should I say, "Dominated Facebook Scrabble."

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1) My sister Katie's wedding!!!
2) Going to Boston.
3) Visiting my parents and other family this summer.
4) Chris graduating from Grad School next winter.
5) Having a yard.
6) Being a Mom.
7) Summer.
8) Making my t-shirt quilt and finishing scrap-booking our wedding.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1) Make my t-shirt quilt and finish scrap-booking our wedding.
2) Meet all my blogging friends in real life.
3) Drop everything and move to Greece. Forever.
4) Know the answer to all the big questions- God, life, meaning, death, evil, everything.
5) Be active- especially swim.
6) Make Toffee. It ended poorly here.
7) Eat whatever I want and not gain a pound.*
8) Not worry about little things and focus on the bigger picture.*

*I stole these from Kayla. Thanks Kayla.

8 Shows I Watch:
1) The Office
2) 30 Rock
3) Parks and Recreation
4) Mad Men (I have to wait until it comes out on video because we don't have cable.)
5) That is about it. We sometimes watch Seinfeld reruns at 10:30 pm if we are feeling adventurous.

Again, I am so sorry to my blogging friends who honored me with these blog awards. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Lucy Marie said...

dominated facebook scrabble!! love it.

Ashley @ The Happy Little Home said...

Oh I love your list! Congrats on the awards :)

Super Careo said...

Silly girl ... don't you know that the answer to life and everything is 42?

My name is PJ. said...

I loved your eights! But even better was the "is it too soon? well too bad." Those types of remarks make me laugh and laugh!
(By the way, admit it - the art of the blog award buttons in the side bar is great on our blogs, but the stuff you have to do for some of them...not so much...and tagging people - kinda sucky.)