Wednesday, June 3, 2009

If you were me . . .

What would you do in Boston?

Chris and I are leaving on a Jet Plane tomorrow so early I don't even want to think about it. We are going out East to visit Chris' brother and cousins. Chris has been once before, but I have never been to the big city out there. Any suggestions?

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Kelsey said...

I've only ever been for work, so I didn't have tons of free time. I just kept it basic and free- walks around Boston Commons and also Harvard. My favorite restaurant was by far Tapeo Tapas Bar on Newbury Street. I can still taste the stuffed roasted peppers... MMM!

dave johnson said...

If I were you I would...

1. See a Red Sox game.
2. Check out The Most Informal Running Club Ever and enjoy their world-famous potluck breakfast.
3. Walk around Boston Common, Boston Public Garden, Faneuil Hall, the North End, etc.
4. Check out the Freedom Trail.
5. Go to a Harvard Bar.
6. Hang out on the Charles River.
7. Eat some killer thai food.
8. Go to Dave's favorite coffee shop.
9. Window shop on Newbury street.
10. Drive up to Lexington and Concord.
11. Visit Walden Pond.

I bet you can do all of those things in just a few short days!

Emily said...

Oh gosh. I love Beantown. If you want a fun way to see the city, I'd do a duck tour. They have really funny guides, and it's cool to get a view from the Charles River. Otherewise I'd do a hop on hop off - it's just a good way to get a general overview of the city.

Beyond that, Legal Seafoods is a big hit (if you like seafood). Definitely check out Cambridge and Harvard - it's beautiful. There's the Cheers bar site on Beacon Hill and the Freedom Trail. Faneuil Hall and Boston Common are must sees, too. Have fun!!

Sarah said...

Gah! I wish I read this post before writing on the other one!

Here are my suggestions:

~Freedom Trail
~Take a duck tour (
~Head tot he North End and get some Italian food and canoli's (I think that's what they are called
~Head over to Faneuil hall and do some shopping.

♥Brandy said...

Have lots of fun, I haven't ever been.

Angie said...

If I were going to Boston, I'd probably go visit my friend Dave.

And I'd probably do everything touristy. And maybe go take a picture of the Cheers bar. And also reenact famous scenes from history for blog's sake.