Monday, May 25, 2009


Okay- sorry people- my definition of exciting is really not that exciting. Don't be excited. (Although I would love to hear what you thought Lucy Marie.)

Our exciting news is:

1) Chris and I have spent the weekend looking at washers and dryers.


2) We are almost certainly moving when our lease is up in July.

See- not that exciting. But a little exciting for us- I like looking at all the new, cool washers out there.

But I do have a favor to ask from you all . . . I know it is vacation today, and most of you are not even checking your blogs, but I need your help.

What kind of washer and dryer do you have and what do you think about it?

We are looking at this one:

Linked at Home Depot here. It is a front loading Maytag Performance Series 3000. Any thoughts?


Kristen said...

I'm jealous! :)

Dreams2009 said...

Never shopped for my own washer and dryer yet, but can't wait till I do (I know it does sound strange to be excited about it ha!)

I love the new LG front loaders, but they look like they take up lots of space.

Hi, Lane said...

We have a horrible old stackable because it's what came with the house & the only kind that will fit!!! BUT, my parents just recently bought a new energy saver washer, front loader. The only problems we've had with it was that unless you set the spin speed to low, it would wreck your clothes. Anything with ties or strings or that kind of thing and long sleeve shirts or pant legs would get so tangled up in other clothes that they'd stretch all out of proportion, or in my case, even rip. And we couldn't set anything on top of it when it was running, because the movement of the spin cycle would throw it off. You do have to buy special soap for a high energy (not sure if the one your looking at is or not). I'm a personal fan of the top loaders, just weighing the pros and cons, but the front loaders sure do look a lot nicer! Good luck! And congrats!

Lucy Marie said...

Brutal .. couldn't you at least have been pregnant or had some ultra super cool new job?

Yankee Wife said...

Taryn - I have the Kenmore frontloaders and really, really like them. They are almost 3 years old and so far, so good. They do take HE soap, but not a big deal 'cause basically you use less soap than top loaders. We picked the front loaders because we were starting a family and would have much more laundry. I can also fit my king size bedding into the washer. HUGE BONUS. I've washed things that were suppose to be "spot cleaned" and they came out perfectly. As far as Lane's comment re: clothes ripping and stretching, I haven't had that problem. Clothes can get really tangled, but usually that happens when the washer is too full. Hope this helps some. Happy shopping!

My name is PJ. said...

Taryn, Chef Stu and I were looking at Home Depot for washers and dryers too. After thorough research, GE Profile is the one most well thought of...Sometime next week when the chef and his dad have returned from their trip to VT, we will transact. We want our garage emptied of the stuff for the addition first. Sheesh, it's a bit of a pigpen here.....

Suzanne said...

Love it! We have a Maytag front loader and it is wonderful. Energy efficient, uses les water and I use regular detergent in mine just much less. Like a fourth of what is called for. Even my husbands work clothes come clean. & I've used the various spin cycles with no problems to our clothes or the machine.