Monday, April 20, 2009

What Makes Our House a Home?

Lucy Marie is having a fantastic giveaway at Lucy's Life. Her challenge to us is, "What makes your house a home? " After much thought, here are a few things that make our house a home:

1. This sign.

It has the tag line from our wedding on it- and I just love it! Plus, yt reminds me of my mother- and all the planning that went into my wedding!

2. Our table.

Before we got me a free table off Craig's List, this table was the place to sit, eat, craft, etc. Now, we just eat here. It is also important to our home, because it was the first thing we (well, actually Chris) purchased for our home together.

3. Our Bed. 4. Our Quilt. 5. My pillow.

I love the style of this bed, but I just love our bed/mattress in general. I lay down a lot during the day; I read, study, edit, sleep, in bed. I love it!
The quilt was a wedding gift from Chris' aunt. It is beautiful and super special to me.
Lastly, my pillow. If I have my pillow with me, I feel at home. I guess you could say it is my security blanket- you know, like little kids have. I love my pillow. (I love it so much, it is coming to San Francisco with us . . .)

6. Spider plants.

This one might sound a bit odd at first- but I promise- they are legit. I brought these plants with us when we moved to Colorado. They were tiny back then- but despite growing a million times bigger, they still remind me of my family and my home in MN, because they came from a plant at my parent's house.

7. Our composting worms.

These little guys are really our first pets- so that have to make the list. They make our family complete. = )

8. The Mountains. 9. The Lake. 10. Us.

The Mountains define us as Coloradans, at home in Colorado.
The Lake reminds me of another home, and helps me feel at home here. Plus, Chris picked this apartment just for me because of the lake.
And most importantly- we make our house a home. Without us, there would be no home!

Thanks Lucy. This was fun. Everyone should play along- the giveaway ends Wednesday 4/22/09 at 9 pm. Click here to see what it is all about!


Lucy Marie said...

Awesome girl! What a great list. Thanks so much for joining in. Good luck in the draw.

By the way, about your comment on my post earlier today .. I was dRying my hair not dying my hair :D

My name is PJ. said...

One thing I enjoy about you is you're seriously deranged (like all the best people) to add your composting worms, as pets, to your list! Things like that take a post to a special place... :)

Snow White said...

Very cool. Love it.

Laurie said...

very nice list!! :)

Your composting worms as pets made me smile!

I enjoyed reading it!

Cowgirl D said...

Your apartment looks so cute!!! And I second the lake. It was one of the things that sold us on the community. Sunset walks around the lake. :)

Rona's Home Page said...

It's great to see beds making the list.
I also found your pets..the composting worms interesting choice but that's why I love these type of activities.
You have a great sense of humor. It will definitely make your marriage more fun.
We're celebrating 21 years of togetherness and 13 years of marriage on April 26th.