Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tagged . . .

Yesterday morning I woke up, got dressed and came out to check my emails and blogs. I opened the computer only to find that I was tagged by Katie at Such a Loverly Life- to do the picture tag. You know, the one where you take a picture of yourself without primping? The real rules are as follows:

1. Take a pic of yourself right now.
2. No primping or preparing.
3. Just snap a picture.
4. Load the picture onto your blog.
5. Tag some people to play along.

Here is a snippet of my internal dialogue that went on after reading my name on Katie's blog:

My Vain Self: "You can go brush your teeth and comb your hair- this tag doesn't really apply to you since you just woke up."

My Rule Abiding Self: "But think about how guilty you would feel if you did exactly what the rules told you not to do?"

MVS: "But come on, you look like, well, you just got up."

MRAS: "But those are the rules Taryn. Follow the rules!"

It went on like this for some time. In the end, I combed my fingers through my hair and then opened Photo Booth and took this picture . . .

My Vain Self and My Rule Abiding Self compromised with Sepia. It really hides quite a bit.

(Again- please please please tag yourselves. If I can do it after just waking up- I know you (yes you) can do it too!)


Brittany Ann said...

So true about sepia. But you look awesome! If I woke up looking like that, I wouldn't own make-up!

Taryn said...

Brittany: Part of the reason I look halfway descent is because of your post about your hair and trying to look better. Because of you, I actually curled my hair the day before, and so it was still decent the next morning. So yeah- thanks.

Kraesc said...

You look great for just waking up! Wow... I always look like a truck hit me.

Adie said...

I can't believe you look so great in the morning! Lucky dog.

Taryn said...

Okay people- I don't look that good in the morning- I promise it is just the sepia. Tomorrow morning try this- take your camera. Set it to sepia. Take a picture. I promise you will look pretty good. The brown hides a lot of issues.