Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Snow

I love snow. I loved the snow that dumped on us this afternoon. It was beautiful, white and dreary. However, I do not love that our showing of Planet Earth- Shallow Seas at CU was CANCELED. I do not like the snow for that. Darn you snow!


My name is PJ. said...

Spring snow is the best because it's pretty and then it melts to uncover nature waking up from hibernation. They used to call it "poor man's fertilizer." :)

Emily said...

Snow now? Wow, I am glad I live in TN and don't see much snow.

Erin said...

We had a blizzard on Friday/Saturday and the snow was gone by Monday. It snowed us out of a weekend trip to Kansas City...but not out of work on Monday :-( I feel your pain!