Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Chris and I are going to San Francisco in a few weeks. He is going to a conference in Santa Clara, and I am hopelessly tagging along. After the conference, we are going to travel up to San Francisco for a little over two days.

If you are from San Francisco or Santa Clara or have ever been to San Francisco or Santa Clara - I would love to know what you did that you enjoyed and what you hated.
What you would do again, and what you wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole. Food, places, sites everything and anything.
I am the party planner and this trip and I am clueless. Anyone have any ideas?

image from http://dnt6288.k12.sd.us/year/State/photo_album.htm


Lisa said...

I haven't been but every single person I talk to highly recommends Alcatraz.

I took a bus tour around the city which I admit is ultra-touristy, but it was a nice way to see the entire city in 2 hours. From there we were able to pick what areas we wanted to head back to.

If you like sushi, I recommend Rock n' Roll Sushi. I love the name and the sushi is fab! (Although I should admit - I don't eat real sushi...just the vegetarian kind. But the people I was with that ate the real stuff also loved it.)

And if you like cupcakes, I recommend Kara's Cupcakes. There are a couple of them, though the one that I went to is near Fisherman's Wharf and in the same area as the main Ghirardelli Store.

Have a great trip! I'm so jealous!

Lucy Marie said...

Sorry, my dear. I have never been to San Fransisco so I am not much help.

However, I did ask my mom what she would suggest for someone to do if they were going to have two days there and she said ride the cable cars, go to the board walk, the golden gate bridge, and Alcatraz. Those are all pretty famous sites that I'm sure you've thought of already.

Meredith said...

Alcatraz was really interesting. I'd definitely do that.

I really enjoyed Nob Hill if you have a car and don't mind waiting awhile.

San Fran has the largest Chinatown in North America--it's really pretty incredible.

A lot of people really enjoy Pier 39, but I'm not into seafood, so frankly I didn't see what the big deal was.

Cowgirl D said...

never been but have fun! that sounds like a great trip!

Mandy said...

The cable cars are cool! :)

Oh, and I just noticed that you have a picture of what you're reading now. That's so cool! I can't wait to see what you read next and to hear your thoughts about Triple Shot Betty. :)

Mrs. Smith said...

I've never been but would love to go - so I'm looking forward to a full report upon your return. :)

p.s. left you something on my blog...

Mrs. Jones said...

I have never been, but have always wanted to. Have a great time!

Jennifer said...

I've never been but the trip sounds fabulous!! Have a great time!!

Snow White said...

hmmm... I haven't been there myself, but the hubby has. He enjoyed the Ghirardelli chocolate... and the bay. If it were me, I'd go check out the synchronized swimming teams in the area (they are fabulous)... but that's just me. Have fun! :)

Emily said...

Sorry I've never been. Hope you have a fun trip! Take lots of pictures.

Kim said...

I hope you love it as much as we did. We went there for 9 days for our honeymoon. It was divine. I want to move there and live forever. =)

I think it depends what you like - but we both loved the touristy-type things. We loved Alcatrez, they have a night tour that I would have loved to go on. Instead of taking the "tourist" buses, we bought a 3-day public transport pass for $18 and bought a San Fran guide from B&N. We just took the trollies, busses and trains around and saw a TON. We liked the Golden Gate Park, Chinatown, Giants Stadium, Fisherman's Wharf.... Oh, and we loved taking the boat over to Sausalito.

If you are at all interested in our play-by-play, I blogged it here (http://newlywoodwards.blogspot.com/search/label/Honeymoon). I really overextended us, but I'm a planner and wanted to see everything! Hope you have fun!

SAB said...

I was there recently for work. If you like garlic try the Stinking Rose. The Fog City Diner is very touristy, but the food was good. When I have been on vacation I have enjoyed the seals at Pier 39, Alcatraz, Muir Woords, Postcard Row (the Fullhouse houses). We picked up one of those free travel guides in a gift shop and just started checking things out. It was a blast. Have fun!

Taryn said...

Wow- Thanks for all your advice! I really appreciate your experience and expertise!

My name is PJ. said...

Hi T, I enjoyed Coit Tower, Lombard Street (I think that's the name of the most crooked street), Chinatown - a must for dinner, Alcatraz was okay, 17 mile drive is awesome. If one or both of you enjoys golf - you have to go to the Pebble Beach course - gorgeous! If you go down to...the Pier...99? I forget the number, but it won't be hard to find it, there are shops and eateries and sea lions. We wandered up and down the coast a great way as well. The views are spectacular. Hope you have a great, great time!

Shalay said...

You are going to have a blast! We went there for a weekend trip when we got engaged.

I personally loved going to a Giants game, but I'm a baseball fan. We took a half-day tour of Sonoma wine country. The van picked us up at our hotel, and they took us on a tour through the redwoods and then took us to like 5 different wineries for wine tasting. We loved it!

I highly recommend eating at Gary Danko, but it's a really high end restaurant and we had to make reservations months in advance. Also, Fisherman's Wharf is fabulous. I never went to Alcatraz, but I plan to do that when I go back. :)

Oh, and it's beautiful, but dress warm because it's CHILLY!

Kristen said...

AHH! me and my mom went all over california this spring break. I REALY loved walking all over san francisco. We ate at fishermans warf {there are little street vendors than you get food from} I was starving so I realy enjoyed my fresh clam chowder {with bread bowl!}. It's right on the same road as pier 39, which I thought was fun. And there are floating platform things that are just COVERED in sea lions, which was fun also.

I too would also recomend kara's cupcakes. They are DELICIOUS. I got a passion fruit one and it had passion fruit flavored cream stuff in the middle and super yummy frosting. Chris {my cusin on my moms side of the family... wierd huh} got the ghiradelli cupcake and just about passed out b/c he liked it so much =] {it has carmel in the midle!} And the hot chocolate from the ghiradelli store was also REALY good.

I realy liked driving and walking the road that is realy windey {I'm sorry I forgot what it is called....} but the view from the top is amazing and its just a realy cool thing to see.

We didn't stop in santa clara, but they have the BEST synchro team in the NATION. all of the girls {and the one boy on the team} and homeschooled so that they can practice for like 6-8 hours during the day! And they get first place at nationals practicaly every year...

I hope you have fun!
{sorry this was so long}