Monday, April 13, 2009

Food Blogs- Good Things Catered

At the request of PJ from Seens From The Back of My Eyelids, I will highlight the food blogs that I have discovered over my time in blog land. Last week, I showcased one of the most prominant and influencial food blogger I know- Smitten Kitchen. Today, I will showcase a slightly less known blog (but only slightly), Good Things Catered.

Katie is one of the main reasons I got into blogging and decided to start my own! Thanks Katie. She has a great tutorials for icing sugar cookies and her creations are freaking amazing. I only wish that I could decorate a cake, cookie or cupcake like her, or create a dining expereince to rival her decorations and menus. Good Things Catered has been on hold throughout Lent, and I sure have missed her beautiful pictures and great recipes. But now that Easter has come and gone- she is back! Go check her out.


Lucy Marie said...

Thanks for sharing these Taryn.

Lori B said...

I love Katie's blog. I've been following it for awhile and have tried some of her recipes.

DomesticDivasFancy said...

I love recipes! I also love seeing when you post pics of the food. It is great because you are one of those true bloggers that actually makes the items...I love it. Hope you had a Happy Easter!!!

Erin said...

Great. Now I'm even LESS motivated to go running!

Love her blog!