Thursday, April 23, 2009

Best Giveaway Ever!

While my husband and I are not super interested in the prize up for grabs (a subscription to Golf Digest) I have to say that Jennifer at This Girl Loves Pink's new giveaway is awesome. In order to win, one must leave a comment and answer this question ... "The thing I love most about my husband is.......?"

Please go to her blog and leave a comment- or at least take a second and think about what you love most about your husband/fiance/significant other. I know I take mine for granted sometimes- but he is amazing and I needed this push to remind myself. Thanks Jennifer.


Lucy Marie said...

Ooh I will have to check this out. By the way, thanks so much for reminding me about the other giveaway I won. I COMPLETELY forgot to go back and check the other day. I'm such a scatter brain.

Jennifer said...

Thanks! : )

My name is PJ. said...

Hi T, I looked and couldn't find an email address link to answer your question about flickr photos. There's no trick to it. I'm retired. I work ahead on some posts. I take a lot of time looking for appropriate shots. It goes well with morning coffee. :)
You can set up a google mail account (gmail) to use in blogland so that you don't get a bunch of garbage in your regularly scheduled email account.