Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What Makes Me Happy?

Em at Em's Bookshelf tagged me in "6 Things That Make Me Happy."

1. Rain. It does not rain much here in Colorado. I miss the rains that last for days. How foreign such a rain seems now, if feels odd to think that it might rain for more than 15 minutes at a time.

2. Swimming. I love to swim. I learned to swim at as a youngster, spent summers at a lake cabin and was on our swim team throughout high school. Unfortunately, I can't swim in pools anymore due to an allergy, but I love to swim. This might be a little weird, but being in the water makes me feel powerful and free.
(This is a picture of my sister and I in the lake - taken with an underwater camera- of course! I did not make a very good "kissy" face. Oh well.)

3. Babies. I have no babies of my own . . . yet. But I love to make other people's babies laugh uncontrollably. How can you not be happy when they are so happy they can't contain it? I even like babies when they cry. I love being able to fix the problem, help them and calm them down. It is so rewarding. I love babies.

4. Making things. It makes me happy to create. To create food, blankets, cleaning supplies, scrap books, blogs, maybe someday babies.

5. Chris. Chris makes me happy.

6. My six favorite books?
  • The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I love the idea of taking something hidden and broken, and fixing it into your own paradise. I feel I find that type of beauty a lot in Europe.
  • Watership Down by Richard Adams. This darling book about rabbits draws on themes from mythology- specifically Homer's The Odyssey. But the book is much more than an adaption of The Odyssey- the book changed the way I viewed/understood the meaning/ making of a hero. (Plus my copy of the book was a gift from my Classics professor- it is very used - but it makes me happy to think about good 'ol Dr. Schmoll.)
  • The Life of St. Winefride- Anonymous. This short little book is awesome! If you do not know the story and want to, I will give you a summary at the bottom of this post.* But the best part about this book is its translation. One of my favorite quotes from the book is found after Winefride rejects a nobleman who makes a pass at her. The nobleman responds, "Stop talking this irritating and meaningless nonsense and agree to have sex with me." I mean, seriously, how awesome is that? Who would have thought such words would be found in a hagiography?!
  • The Hero With A Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell. This book makes me happy because it offers a very reasonable explanation for the reason why there are similar themes found in stories and myths around the world. I like structure and coherence. (But this book makes me sad because Mr. Campbell's theories are viewed as a bit "crazy" by many academics due to his simplification of themes and bias towards interpreting other cultures' myths through his own.)
  • The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen. I have already talked about this book a little. But it does make me happy. I love how Dessen writes about the benefits of a little chaos in your life. I could not agree more.
  • Finally, I love the Books of Ruth and Esther. I love them for different reasons. Both make me happy because they are in the Bible. However, they both make me sad because I don't think that either woman ends up coming out on top of her situation. Regardless, how awesome is it that they got voices at all? That makes me happy.
*Summary of the Life of St. Winefride:
As the title explains, it is the story of the life of the Medieval St. Winefride. The book also explains the existence of a healing well found at a church dedicated to her in Britain. It is actually a sad story- Winefride dedicates her life to God, but a rowdy nobleman falls in lust with her and when she tries to escape he beheads her (where her head falls, the well springs up). But luckily, a friar sees the whole thing, and he curses the nobleman, who then melts away like a candle. Then, the friar picks up Winefride's head and prays to God to save her, which God does. Winefriede lives a long life for God.

Thanks Em. This was fun.


Meredith said...

Great list!

Cowgirl D said...

I just came upon your blog and I have say I thought I was the only one who missed cloudy skies and rain! 300 days of sun get a little old after a while.

Emily said...

Great list! My husband's name is Chris and I love babies too! Ha Ha!

Ben and Mackenzie said...

How fun to get to know more about you! (and I always LOVE LOVE your pics when I can pop by your blog :) Have a great day! (Glad that you enjoyed Mimi's newest video too...and, no worries about us and our lack of a sort of feels fun to live simply-it feels like it did when Ben and I were first married!)

Jenny said...

I am glad you visited my blog... Yes, God is you Father-In-Law. It's pretty wild huh... Puts a new perspective on the man you married :o) Would your Father-In-Law be proud that you are His daughter-in-law? This definitely got me thinking...

Jenny said...

The more I look at your blog, the more I realize I need to come over for dinner...YUM!

♥Mrs. V said...

I love love love the water, so swimming is a favorite of mine too!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Super fun to read your list!

Em said...

Thanks for playing along! It was fun to read your list. :) Love the rain!!! :)