Friday, March 6, 2009

Ironic, Anyone?

As one may have picked up from reading my blog, I have been systematically (or not so systematically) moving through our apartment, de-cluttering and reorganizing. As I was going through a box of old papers my mother brought me, I found a printed out copy of an old AIM chat I had with Chris. We were discussing the temperature difference between MN and CO . . .

Me: it is soo cold here
Me: like cold
Chris: yeah, I saw on the news
Chris: like 20s or so
Me: 17 tomorrow
Me: = (
Me: cold!
Chris: yeah
Chris: colorado will seem like a desert to you
Me: yeah

Seriously. This captiviating conversation took place December 1st, 2002. Long before any thoughts of a blog . . .

As a side note- what college freshman actually watches the news, let alone the weather for other parts of the country? I guess I got the only good one girls, sorry.


Rock It said...

Spring Cleaning. I find it therapeutic. I liked watching the news as a freshman. Weird.

Thanks for the comment.

Our really empty nest said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Thrift stores kind of intimidate me too, and shh dont tell anyone, but the smell kind of gets to me, lol. But when I see the great treasures that everyone is finding at their local TS or GW I just feel the need to give it a try, and I will keep going back until I find that most awesome find, lol! Have a great weekend, Sue

Tiffany Lynn said...

I confess - I watched the news as a college freshman :) It's pretty much the only thing on before classes aside from Saved By the Bell (which I loved, but only in moderation).

Emily said...

LOL, it's destiny, then. And Tiffany - I totally watched Saved By The Bell in between my 8 am and 10:30 classes. It was a staple of sorority life.

Rose said...

Cute! :o)

Having a husband who watches the weather is very handy. My hubs always interprets the forecast for me and keeps me updated!

Mrs. Smith said...

This is so adorable! I love "early relationship" conversations. I still have the first email my husband ever sent me, introducing himself (we were set up by mutual friends). It is THE MOST AWKWARD thing ever. I get the biggest kick out of it! :)

And can add me to the list of college freshmen who watched the news. I was just THAT LAME!

sidenote: my word verification is "lametli." Notice that the word "lame" is in there? Hmmm...not a coincidence!

Jennifer said...

That is too cute!! I love the conversation!