Monday, February 2, 2009

Taste of Summer- Strawberry Breakfast

Here is a look at what Chris and I had for breakfast the other day:

Hmmmm. It tasted like summer.

I usually don't buy off- season produce because it is usually picked a week before you get it and yada yada yada. But a pint of strawberries was on sale for .99 cents at a local grocery store this week- and since Mr. J LOVES strawberries- some berries from Mexico made it home in the basket. Thank you Mexico- we enjoyed your treat.

Just wanted to show you our glorious breakfast. nummy nummy.


Mom2fur said...

Oh, they look gooooood! Can't wait until real strawberry season gets here!

D said...

It's always nice to meet another person with morals...I'm not sure there are many of us left! And I will continue to salivate as I read your blog, dreaming of a day I might be able to actually cook something :)

Emily said...

I love strawberries! Can't wait until they are in season.