Monday, February 23, 2009

Junk Drawer = Silverware Drawer

I have come up with a plan for the kitchen over the weekend. In an effort to clear the counters off a bit more, I moved the silverware, the spices and some sugar around. We will see how we like it. (Moving your silverware is one of the weirdest sensations- I can't count the number of times I have gone for a spoon only to find lots of spices! Our bodies are more 'trained' that we realize.)

Here is the junk drawer turned silverware drawer:

I moved the spices into the silverware drawer, like so. (I got the idea from Katie at The Hyper Homemaker.)

This cleared some counter space (the spices were on the counter on a spiny thing.) But I also made some room in the cupboard above the spices, so I moved the brown sugar and powdered sugar into the cupboard to make even more room on the counters.

Here is the counter now. I love that I can see the pretty cutting boards so nicely. = )



Emily said...

Looks fabulous! I love those canisters on your counter, too.

Lucy Marie said...

It looks great. It's amazing how much bigger and nicer a kitchen can look when you clear off the counter a bit.