Saturday, February 21, 2009

Its true- I'm that girl.

Yesterday I had a fantastic lunch and pedicure with my buddy Mandy. It was a first time experience for both of us- and we both decided that pedicures really aren't that great. In fact, they can be a bit painful at times. But I do have cute green toes:

After I said goodbye to Mandy, I went to find my car. (It was in the parking garage- I avoid parallel parking at all costs.) On the way, I was stopped at the Pedestrian Shop on the Pearl Street Mall. They had the Crocs lined with "fur" on sale for only $19.99! (They are usually $40.00.) They only had a few left, and thanks to the fact that I have tiny fat feet I found some that fit! I was hesitant to buy them because I didn't really need them. However, I have really wanted some warm shoes to wear around the house- so after some debating, I bought them. Best 20 bucks I have spent in a long time. My feet are so cozy!

Anyway, back to my story. I finally made it to the car, found my ticket and drove to the exit. There was no one manning the gate so I had to pay a machine. It is always a little bit stressful paying stuff like this, because I am aware of the person waiting behind me, and after I pay I worry that if I don't get through fast enough, the bar is going to come down on our car. So I paid and quickly thought, "I want to go east, so I should go right" and turned right out onto the street. But as I was driving, something didn't feel quite right. I followed the road as it forced me to take another right and then I realized what was wrong.

I was going the wrong way on a one way.

As Chris so nicely put it, "Taryn, you're that girl." You know, the one where you think, "Holy cow, how did she get her license?" Yep, that is me. Just thought I would let you know.

For those of you concerned about how I remedied my situation- Luckily no cars were coming and I was able to pull into a loading zone and then turn back into the entrance of the parking garage. I drove through the garage (they have a 5 min. grace period!) and tried the exit again, this time going the correct way.


DomesticDivasFancy said...

I like your crocs, what a great price, and your green toes. I wanna get a pedicure...I usually wait until flip flop time. But breaking the rule may just be what I need!

Emily said...

Cute toes and crocs!

Your driving experience sounded like mine from the other day... didn't know where on earth I was going! Glad it worked out ok.

windhula said...

Crocs rock (and I'm not a girl that throws the word "rock" around often but it just goes with crocks)! I love em so much I have two pair along with everyone in my family. Enjoy!

P.S. Glad you didn't get another ticket for going the wrong way on the one way!

♥Mrs. V said...

Your toes are so cute!! I love pedi's. Maybe try another place to get them done because they are USUALLY great! I have had one guy that hurt me, but only once.

Meredith said...

I think we've all been there--going the wrong way down a one-way. At least I have!

Ben and Mackenzie said...

You have a good excuse for your traffic offense! It was a big day! First pedicure and a croc sale!!!?!? No one could blame you ;) (and in one way or another, we've all been "that girl:)

Mandy said...

Hey pretty lady! Cute shoes! :)