Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Homemade Windex

In an effort to rid our house of dyes and chemicals, I decided to try homemade window/ glass cleaner.

I found many recipes for window cleaners that included ammonia, such as here. But I wanted to avoid ammonia, mostly because I did not have any on hand, and because I don’t think it is very good for you.

I kept looking and found these two great sites, here and here.

I decided to try one out: TURI formula 15 because it promised a “No Streak Glass Cleaning.” But since I was uncertain whether it would actually work or not, I cut the recipe in half so that it looked like this:
2 C warmish water
~1/6 C white Vinegar
½ TBSP Cornstarch

I mixed it up in a quart sized Pyrex measuring cup and then transferred it to an empty and washed Shout bottle. Then I set out to see if it would work.

I sprayed about five sprays onto our bathroom mirror and started to wipe it away with a clean washcloth like I would with Windex. But it just seemed to be streaking! Exactly what TURI said it wouldn’t do! As I stood there for a minute contemplating my next move- should I try a different application method, or a new formula, or go back to the store for some good ‘ol Windex- the most amazing thing happened: the homemade glass cleaner dried and was completely streak-free! I was amazed. The glass looked as good as it does with commercial glass cleaner.

So I went at it to further test it out on our glass dry bar. The dry bar had not been dusted, in say, three months or so, and thus was very dusty. I took stuff off the shelves (we don’t use it as a dry bar- my husband and I are not but drinkers- but its growing on us) and began to clean. After learning that it needs a minute to dry, I gave the cleaner its time and was again amazed at the results.

I do have to say that this homemade cleaner is here to stay in our house for now. I just need to wait and see if the concoction can hold under the sink for two years like Windex . . .

What do you think of homemade glass cleaners? Are they worth the time and effort to make?


DomesticDivasFancy said...

I just use Windex. It is on the greenlist.

Mandy said...

My gran uses a mixture of water and vinegar. I should ask if she put cornstarch in it. Andrew and I tried it on our car windows but it left streaks everywhere. Could be user error though. Maybe I didn't wipe it off well enough. :)

Emily said...

Hmmm... never tried homemade before. I don't go through enough windex to really worry about buying any for a while or make my own.. but thats neat you can make your own.

Jennifer said...

I use Windex or the Clorox Greenworks line.

Taryn said...

For those of you who use the greenlist products or greenworks products, you might want to consider making your own. I have done some research on the greenlist specifically, and while the products are better than the previous products, even the greenlist Windex still contain small amounts of harmful chemicals. They are considered "green" because the products contain fewer chemicals than before, and the company has made an effort to reduce its environmental impact. But these are all relative improvements.

♥Mrs. V said...

I have heard of people doing this before. I hadn't ever heard if it worked or not.

Donna said...

Cool, will give it a try. I just use vinegar to clean my floors with now and the tiles come up great. No streaks on the tiles like commerical cleaners leave.
CheerS Donna From OZ