Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bloggie Awards- Me?

Well, I am super duper behind. Sorry. I was awarded some awards by a few very special people and now I am finally getting around to thanking them and accepting the awards. I am not very good at this kind of stuff. I don't like to receive compliments, perhaps because I am shy. (I mean, I really like compliments, but I tend to deny the compliment when someone gives me one. I am working very hard to learn how to say "Thank you very much," and move on. Someday.) Anyway . . . I would like to thank:

Tierra, Mrs. V, Emily, Ashley and Sarah for your friendship!

Thanks Tierra, Ashley and Sarah for the lemonade?

Thanks Sarah- but you are much cuter than me . . .

And finally, thank you Mrs. V, Emily and Sarah for this beauty:

For this award I am supposed to write 10 things about myself. Instead of ten things- I will give you 25! (Don't notice the striking similarity to 25 Things going around on Facebook . . .)

1. I have the best husband ever, period.

2. I work as Mopetts coordinator for our church and it has turned out to be more rewarding than I ever imagined.

3. I miss Minnesota and my family.

4. I will dominate you at Connect Four.

5. I have recently converted to a blogger- I like to do projects and then blog about them.

6. I love to scrapbook, but don't do it anymore because of number 5.

7. I suck my tongue.

8. I recently found out am allergic to tree nuts.

9. I want to buy my parents' house.

10. I would like to have a huge garden with tomatoes, bell peppers, strawberries, watermelons and pumpkins when I grow up.

11. Besides having a garden, I have no idea what I want to do when I grow up.

12. My favorite color is green.

13. I read teen books almost exclusively.

14. Spicy food and I are not friends. At all. We rarely even look at each other.

15. I am very sensitive to violence and suspense on TV, in movies, and in real life.

16. I used to be a swimmer, but I developed an allergy to pool water.

17. However, I have recently discovered my love of snorkeling; you get to swim in the ocean without the salt in your eyes and mouth.

18. I was a percussionist in high school and college- however since graduation I have not picked up a mallet or drum stick.

19. I was an okay ultimate frisbee player.

20. I have traveled and studied abroad 4 times, while my poor husband has never left the continent . . . yet.

21. I have loved everywhere I have traveled (France, England, Greece, Italy, Australia) except Spain.

22. My sister and I were extras on a Spanish sitcom.

23. As a child, I spent my summers at my cabin with my sister, my mom, my grandparents, cousins, and some lovely girls from down the dirt road. We will all be friends for life.

24. I currently work for a 4 time Olympian (Moguls).

25. I like ketchup and eggs.

I tag anyone who reads this blog. Please play along if you want.


S. said...

i love teen books too! haha, crazy. my best friend is a middle school English teacher so she always knows what is up and coming.

Emily said...

I feel like I know you ten times better now.
Ketchup and eggs are AWESOME!!!!!!

♥Mrs. V said...

Thanks for sharing, that was a great list.

Lindsey said...

Great post, so fun to read!

Shannon said...

Congrats on all your awards! Those are so fun. I loved reading your list!

Snow White said...

gosh, we have more in common than I realized... I too have an allergy to tree nuts, and used to be a swimmer! :)