Friday, February 13, 2009

Bag Tag

I was tagged by Jennifer over at This Girl Loves Pink and Ashley at Domestic Divas Fancy for a Bag Tag.....

Here are the rules....

1. Post a picture of whatever bag you are carrying as of late. No, you cannot go up to your closet and pull out that cute little purse you used back before you had kids (what kids?). I want to know what you carried today or the last time you left the house. No cheating!

2. I want to know how much it costs =). And this is not to judge. It is for entertainment purposes only. So, spill it. And, if there is a story to go along with how you obtained it, I'd love to hear it.

3. Tag some chicks. And link back to this post so people know why the heck you're showing everyone your bag.

Here is the bag.

Very cute, I know. I got it this fall at TJ Maxx for $34.00. I think it was supposed to be priced something ridiculous- like $98.00. (Don't worry Kathryn, the pink D & B purse that makes me look like I am 12 is still in the closet waiting for spring.)

In the bag:
  • Water bottle I got for Christmas- thanks mom.
  • Wallet- I have has this puppy since graduating high school, I believe.
  • Phone- don't be fooled by its ancient graphics or the fact that it is falling apart- it is my favorite phone. When it rings, the sides light up. Wicked.
  • Napkins, wet wipes, and Shout To-go wipes- apparently I am very messy.
  • Various papers with important things scribbled on them
  • Chapstick
  • Coupons- one must always be prepared.
  • Pen
  • Earplugs- I seem to be getting more sensitive to noise as I get older . . . isn't it supposed to be the other way around?
  • Snacks- you might think I travel with children, but I don't. Just me. I get cranky when hungry.
  • Keys
  • Fleece socks- okay this is weird. I carry socks with me in my purse because when I go to work (as a babysitter) my feet often get cold. At home, I wear slippers . . . what is weirder- slippers in the purse or socks?
I tag Sarah and Heather- if you want to play. And anyone else who reads this- I would love to see what you tote around with you. Leave a comment so I can be sure to come and visit your blog to see your bag!


DomesticDivasFancy said...

I love your purse, I also love TJ Maxx, they have fabulous finds for such great prices, I never pay full price for anything! I am such a cheapo! And you got double tagged, go you!!! This is such a fun post, Thanks for participating.

Jennifer said...

Adorable purse!! I love the bed bath and beyond coupon!! I usually have those in my bag too!!

Sarah said...

i will do this in a few camera battery is dead!! dang it...charging it tonight. :)

D said...

I have to say that you are the first person that I've seen who hasn't laid out the contents of their purse in perfect, OCD like rows. I had to applaud the fact that you literally just laid it all out there! Unless you're like my OCD self, and sat there organizing it to look like you did just lay it out, when in reality it took at least an hour :) Cute purse!