Friday, January 16, 2009

I Love Green

I first saw my dream pot on a post Emily made at imperfect. I was instantly attracted to the green, and then the pot itself. I had read of dutch ovens before, but never seen one. I was green with envy for her green pot. (teehee sorry I couldn't resist).

Anyway, I promptly forgot about the pot until my mother and I were shopping at Williams-Sonoma a few months back. I saw the green pots and pointed them out to her. We ogled at them for a few minutes; balked at the price tag, and then left it at that.

But to my surprise, my mom bought me this beauty for Christmas!

We used once while home to cook some delish chicken, and I hope to use it again soon. Like maybe tonight . . . Come back for Lemon-Rosemary-Garlic Chicken!


Emily said...

Oh it's beautiful! It's my absolute favorite pot, I use it as often as I can!

Rick said...

Hey Taryn- love reading your blog. Chris' mii misses him. Love you lots!

Jennifer said...

I love that pot too!!! I wonder if they have it in blue to match my kitchen....hmmmm off to see!