Monday, January 12, 2009

Homemade Popcorn

One of our new favorite snacks is popcorn. Not the microwave popcorn with additives and flavorings- but real, fresh popped popcorn from the stove. While an air-popper would be healthier, everyone can make fresh popcorn from the ingredients in their kitchens. All you need is a 3 quart pot, 1 Tbsp oil, 1/3 Cup popcorn and seasonings. Put them on the stove and you will get this:

Looks fantastic, huh?

Here is how you do it:
~Heat 1-2 Tbsp Canola (or any oil you have on hand) with three kernels of corn on medium-high.
~When the three kernels pop, add 1/3 Cup of popcorn to the pot and swish them around to make sure all the kernals have oil on them.*
~Wait until most of the kernels have popped, then pour into a bowl and add butter and salt to taste. (We have found that only 1/2 Tbsp melted butter is plenty for the whole batch due to the oil.)

Done. Not too hard at all. Someday, I would like to try my hand at kettle corn, but that seems like it could be pretty messy . . . = )

*You can find popcorn at most supermarkets and such, in Colorado a 2lb bag will cost about $1.89 and will give you about 10 servings as seen above. Way cheaper than microwave popcorn.


Pam said...

Looks good and healthy!

Emily said...

A friend at my old job used to pop us homemade popcorn for snacks throughout the day, I loved it. I'm going to have to make some of my own.

DomesticDivasFancy said...

Yummy! I have always wondered how to make homemade popcorn. Thanks for the directions. Also thanks for stopping by my blog.
The reason I started this blog is because I am always searching around for tips, crafts and recipes and I wanted to make it simplistic - easy to find! Thanks for stopping by. By the way love your blog as well!

Ashley Nichole

Kathryn said...

dad attempted kettle corn last wasn't bad, you should try it!

Taryn said...

Katie: maybe you should start a blog and show me how to do it? = ) Or just give me a call.