Saturday, January 17, 2009

Clean up, Clean up, Everybody, Everywhere!

Jealous of my clean kitchen?

Around the new year, the spring and perhaps the fall (if you are the Hyper Homemaker), people seem to clean, organize and reorganize. Maybe the new year brings out the new resolutions, or maybe you just need to find room for your new loot from Christmas. Thats what I was doing- I needed to find a place for my new green Le Creuset dutch oven (and our pantry was a disaster as you will see).

I had three goals yesterday: to clear off the top of the fridge, to make room for the green pot, and put all (or most of) the food in the pantry. I accomplished my goals and here are some before and after shots.

Here is the pantry before (note the fridge top):

Here are some gory close-ups:

The pantry after:

The shelves are now organized (from the bottom up) as big appliances, cereal, snacks, canned/ cooking goods, and starches like pasta and rice. I really like that I was able to move most things off the floor, making it easier to get to the mixer and food processor. I know the pantry doesn't look that great; it is still crowded. But I did move a lot more food into the pantry. I think this arrangement will serve us better- we will know what we have without looking in four or five places.

Some food came from the top of the fridge, and more came from this cabinet:

Which now looks like this:

In order to make room for the new food, I moved the cook books from the pantry to above the microwave, which is very helpful. I still need to work out a better system for recipes, but until then, the books will be contained and out of sight. (Any ideas of how to organize recipes from books, magazines and cards would be much appreciated.)

I also moved the ziplocs from the pantry and some of the stuff from the fridge here:

(Shh . . . don't notice my secret stash of Nilla Cakesters and Nut Goodies peeking out from behind the 9 x 13)

And finally, I made room for my pot in here:

Beware drawers: you are next!


Emily said...

OMG, your kitchen looks phenomenal!!! I struggle with pots and pans, wanna come help? Lol, you've done an amazing job!

Kathryn said...

where's the pic proving the fridge top was clean?? =)

Taryn said...

hmm- thanks kate I seem to have forgotten that one . . . maybe just take my word- its clean. = )

Jennifer said...

It looks great!!!

Connie said...

I probably have many more recipes than you've collected (having had more time to do so) and find a file drawer to be my ideal storage solution.

I type up almost all the recipes I use and stick them on the kitchen cabinet at eye level, which makes reading them lots easier. A bit of that blue poster sticking goop works and doesn't seem to leave any residue on the cabinet.