Monday, December 15, 2008

Hurray I'm Back!

So hello there- I am sure you missed me very much. I have handed in my second draft of my thesis to my reader and now I must anxiously await her critiques. However, in the meantime, I have lots of distractions to keep me busy. Such as the new sewing machine my parents got me as a graduation present! (I guess they felt sorry for me when I had to sew the quilt by hand.)
I am very excited to use the sewing machine; I kinda feel like I am back in 8th grade home ec, trying to learn how to sew a duffel bag and bean-bag frog. Oh well, I am sure it will all come back fast one I get it going. I also am back at the blog, so I hope you can stop by every now and again.

Christmas is in full-swing and we have sort of missed it due to finals and thesis deadlines, but we do have our mini-tree up, along with our nativity scene that I got last year for Christmas (which I LOVE). Here are some pictures of our festiveness:

The Tree
(Notice the dual tree toppers? The husband got to pick and he picked both!)

The Nativity
I love the tropical feeling the scene has with the spider plant hanging out in the back, and did you notice the huge bird peeking out behind the bull? It spices things up a bit, don't you think?

The Beautiful Bulb

Merry Christmas!

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Mandy said...

Ohhhh, a sewing machine! How exciting! I may have to bring a pair of pants over to your house next time I come. :-)

Speaking of, let's get together this weekend. :-)