Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quilt Curtain

In order to help ease the transition from MN to CO, my husband and I choose to live in a apartment complex that looks out on a lake (aka a 4' deep pond). From our kitchen and bedroom windows we have a fantastic view of the water and the wildlife that hangs out there. When the sun sets in the afternoon, the reflection is blinding and beautiful. However, the downside to this apartment is that they are not really well built. They are poorly isolated and the ground they were built on is shifting creating cracks and drafts. Therefore our bedroom can be quite cold in the winter. In order to amend this, I decided to try to hang something over the sliding glass doors to help insulate.

I did not want to buy expensive drapery because we are not going to live here forever, and I didn't want to spend the money on something that might not move to our next residence well. So I decided to try to find a cheap comforter and nail that puppy to the wall. I thought I could find a comforter for under $10, but after several disappointing trips to the local Salvation Army, I found that the cheapest comforters were $18.00. I had found (much cuter) quilts on clearance at TJMaxx for $20, so I went back there and brought one home.

After more thought, merely nailing the comforter to the wall was probably not the best choice, because then we would never get to see the lake. I needed to come up with a plan that would allow us to move the quilt back every day to let the sun in. After looking online, I decided to try to hang the quilt by sewing several 1' long pieces of nylon on the back making tubes. Then I could of string a Pottery Barn ribbon through the tubes and tack them to the wall. But after destroying a perfectly good nylon bag, I changed my mind about how to hang the quilt. I decided to just sew the Pottery Barn ribbon on to the quilt and put twine every 9''. This way, I could hang the quilt with the twine and then just untie the twine to open the window.

I did not use a sewing machine to attach the ribbon to the quilt for two reasons: first, I do not have a sewing machine and tracking one down may be difficult, and second, by sewing it by hand I was able to only sew on side of the quilt, leaving the backside (the one that faces our room) intact.

After all day of cleaning, pondering, sewing and finally pounding 10 nails into our wall at 8:00pm we hung the quilt up and Voila! We have a light and cold blocking curtain!

My husband was a very big help hanging the quilt, and he even came up with a better way to move the quilt back everyday. He suggested that we just fold the quilt in half and hang the twine from the other nails. Like so . . .

The versatility of this system is superb- we can open the quilt 1 nail, 2 nails, 5 nails- as few or as many as we like. Hopefully the nails will be able to withstand the weight of the quilt, and until they decide to fall out we will enjoy a warm house at night and beautiful waterfront views during the day.


Kathryn said...

Very cute idea Taryn! When did you rearrange your bedroom?
I love you!

sweetandnatural said...

Hi Taryn! Thanks for the comment on my blog! Is that the view from your home? Beautiful!